Fabric Finishing Machinery

  1. Sewing Machine for fabric Ends Joining

    Montimac make this sewing machine, especially design for an easy & comfortable sewing process; the presence of 4 wheels grants the possibility to move TU03 in all the directions included sewing directions. This model (TU03) is equipped with 220/44 V transformer, pedal for start/ stop of the sewing machine and thread stand.
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  2. Fabric Shearing machine

    A special shearing group controlled through touch screen computer allows to automatically adjust cutting point position in both vertical and horizontal axis. The optional cutting angle can be set so that the blades can come much closer to the fabric & achieve a cleaner more precise cut at much faster speeds. The machine has been widened to improve machine accessibility for fabric threading, cleaning and maintenance.
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  3. Portable Sewing Machine

    Hand held sewing machine at 1 needle, 1 thread, suitable to joint fabrics heads with high resistance FLAT SEAM. TC101E can be configured to produce a BUTTED, GAP or OVERLAP seam to achieve optimum results according to the fabric and manufacturing processes used.
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  4. The open width and continuous washing system

    TMT CIMI make Lavanova Ecosystem & Ecofix (the open width and continuous washing system )This is the the open width and continuous washing system dedicated to finishing experts of the most varied fabrics. Lavanova Ecosystem always provides complete precision, repeatability and reproducibility of any process for every kind of fabric, and has shown its versatility with new fabrics and processing techniques of all fabric manufacturers.
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  5. Ultrasoft - Y Brush Sueding Machine

    Lafer brush sueding machine (Model Ultrasoft Y) is a fabric sueding machine working sueding rolls principle. The sueding effect is created by brush made of abrasive filaments. The fabric remains under constant tension with the help of load cell tension control. Delta plate is mounted to spread the fabric across the width of fabric and does not allow any crease formation & also push the fabric to come in contact with the flexible abrasive filaments to generate sueding effect. The machine is provided with PLC control and industrial PC to store various parameters of the sueding effect depending upon the type of fabrics are to be sueded.
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  6. Ultrasoft Brush Sueding Machine

    This machine allows easy reproduce ability of the sueding effects even by unqualified staff. Lengthwise fabric tension is automatically adjusted by various load cells controlled by the computer in order to ensure the sueding uniformity.
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  7. Tangential Sizing Machine

    Tangential sizing technology gives better performances, reduce process and chemicals cost, less water and energy consumption for a limited environmental impact.
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  8. Fabric Raising Machine

    The machine is equipped with two raising drums allowing to raise face only or face and backside of the fabric. 56 raising rollers, 28 per drum, with 80 mm diameter. The rollers are equipped with high quality bearings, housings, pulleys and raising wire. The tension of the V-belts that drive the raising rollers is adjustable. The tension can be completely removed in order to facilitate cleaning. This device allows the drum to rotate at slow speed while the raising rollers remain still.
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  9. Grey Fabric Preparation Line

    GREY PREPARATION LINE mod. 1090 specially developed for woven fabrics and equipped with sewing RAIL mod. TA21-3F/Pegasus overlock for "head to head" joining seam of each roll at the inlet of the process.
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